Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lament for NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo's coming soon
And millions will by typing
Their goal? A thousand words by noon
--no blogging and no Skyping!

They'll churn out words by leaps and bounds
Resist the urge to edit
Until they've won their writing crowns
And earned their "winner" credit

December first will end the rush
And make the agents cringe
For they fear the impending crush
Of horrid books formed in a rush
By writers on a binge.


  1. lol

    I would never dream to submit something done in NaNo without a ton of work after.

  2. From what I understand, though, TONS of writers send off NaNo novels the first few weeks of December. TONS.

    Stupid, really. I don't know a single writer who's stuff is that good the first time around. Or even the second. I know mine isn't.

  3. Yikes!

    Hell, I haven't sent off the books I wrote the last two YEARS yet.

  4. That just means you like sending POLISHED things out to people. But I think some writers are so amazed that they've finished a manuscript that they don't realize that finishing a rough draft doesn't mean their draft itself is amazing.

  5. ROFL! LOVE IT! I needed that smile. Thank you.

  6. My NaNo novel from last year is being published. It does happen. I did have to change half of it, but the original idea is still there. Great poem, it's sooooo true!

  7. I'm not sure why you can't find the user name halli, maybe try under my book title "Simbiote". What is your user name?

  8. Thanks, Phyllis. I'm glad we're NaNo buddies now!

  9. It went good! Sorry, I only posted on my other blog... but I WON! Yup, by only a hundred words or so... or was it eighty?... but I won nonetheless. I printed off my winner certificate so that I can lacquer it on the wall with all my rejection letters. Got to put something good up on the wall, too, right?

  10. Yes, lets make writing a competitive sport!