Friday, October 21, 2011

Getting Sick

My son was a beast for the babysitter yesterday, and at two a.m., I discovered why.

Ear infection. That's pretty much the perfect way for my son to feel out of joint. I treated his ear, then did it again at 4:30 a.m. He's sporting a fever as well, so it's no school for him tomorrow.

That means my busy week is over! Yes, I did have a Zumba class scheduled, along with a work lunch with a local librarian... but I'll have to cancel, so that my little one can snuggle next to me and feel sick at home (instead of coughing on all the kids at school). My nose is starting to run, too. Darn!

The silver lining? Except for sweeping and cleaning bathrooms--which simply can't wait any longer--I get to write ALL day long. That's good, too, since I have a children's story to turn into verse form and a death by chocolate story to write out over the weekend so that I can polish it up next week. Plus I need an OUTLINE for my NaNoWriMo novel.

So, why am I writing on this blog? No idea. I guess I just wanted all of you know the ugly voices have been pretty quiet over the last few days since the last post. And they'll likely grow even quieter, since I'll be snuggling up to my son and my laptop over the next few days.

And a box of kleenex.

BTW, how does one disinfect a laptop?


  1. Dang that real life! Hope your son feels better soon. Ear infections are horrible.

  2. Aw! Hope you and your son feel better soon. Now you're writing loads, dammit! Yay! :)

  3. Thanks, Donna. His fever broke yesterday, and now he only has a cough. I use vinegar in his ears, and it works really well. I use it in my own ears, and since most ear infections are viral, it works better than antibiotics.

    I wish I were writing loads, Suz! I'm working pretty steadily, but always with a ton of distractions. I managed to fit in a ton of housecleaning, though that means I have less to do this weekend. Now to power wash the driveways!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear your baby's unwell. I hope he's better now. I hope you managed to get lots of writing done in the meantime too. Yay for ugly voices disappearing - so they should - go away ugly voices!

    Take care

  5. Thanks, Old Kitty! I'm with you on the ugly voices... and thanks for visiting!

  6. "BTW, how does one disinfect a laptop?"

    Boiling. But there's a down side.