Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Play Day

Finally, after three and a half months of straight work, I have a day off.

Okay, sure, I need to vacuum... and do dishes... and mop that floor that's still sticky from our party over the weekend... and I'll keep going on that to-do list if I don't stop myself now.

But that's just it. I'm stopping myself RIGHT NOW.

I will do dishes. I'll neaten up some. I'll do whatever I can before I take the kids to school for their last school day of the week. But as soon as my kids have been dropped off, the have-to's end. I'll have my paints and brushes and paper set out before we leave for school--I'll even set out a nice clean glass of water--and from the moment I step back in, it'll be time to play.

Not making pies for Thanksgiving. In fact, all the cooking I need to do will be on that day itself. If I play my cards right (and don't give in to guilt) I'll be painting and writing tomorrow, too. Maybe watching a movie. Or reading a book.

It's crucial that I play for the next few days. And that I avoid stores on Friday at all costs.

And play. And play some more.

What about you? Will you play?


  1. Have fun playing! I'd love to watch a movie - maybe tomorrow when the kids are home.

  2. (hug) I hope your day gets better...