Friday, October 5, 2012

Wow, Have I Been Totally BUSY!!!

Just thought I'd update. I'm maintaining about eight jobs right now--most of them paying--and I am pretty much running around with my head cut off as a result.

But I'm happy. I'm happier than I've been since I moved. And I feel like progress is happening. I'm teaching again (love it!), I'm director of a non-profit arts organization downtown (love it!), I'm editing the sequel of a novel I edited last year (love both the book and the author!), and I'm preparing to throw myself into a book of my own, which, oddly enough, ALREADY HAS A PUBLISHER! EEEK!

I'll give you more details later, but my normally loud snarky voices have taken the week off and flown to Barbados. I just hope the only people they pester there don't speak any English (or Snark).

I'm sure the voices will be back, though, so I'm setting mirrors all around, hoping they might catch a glimpse of themselves and find their ugliness bad enough to run away forever.

1 comment:

  1. Wow. Already has a publisher? Go, you!

    Oh, and follow those voices to Barbados. ;)