Sunday, November 17, 2013

Making Time

You don't have time to write. 

I know you don't. Neither do I. 

That's because time doesn't hand itself to me. It just floats by, and I wander around NOT doing the things I want to be doing because of other have-tos. 

And yet I don't. I make time for exercise. EVERY DAY. Sometimes 2 1/2 hours of it. Sometimes more (I do take off the occasional day, but not very often). 

I do make time to teach my kids. LOTS of time. I make time to play on the computer in the mornings. I make time to read, even if it's just a half hour before bed (but it's usually more). I would make time for writing if I made it a priority. 

Sounds like it's time for a list. I'm brilliant with lists--they are part of my daily life. I keep a book of them around me at all times. But this is not a daily list. This list is an expression of what is most important to me, judging by what I do. IN ORDER. And it shows why I don't write enough.

1. My children and their schooling.
2. My job at the Firehouse (must keep it!).
3. Exercise.
4. Cleaning my house.
5. Reading.
6. Paying bills.
7. The hubby (isn't it horrible that he's so far down the list?).
8. Artistic pursuits (writing, painting, drawing, sewing, cooking, piano, everything).

THIS is why I don't write. I put it last on the list. I am more likely to take out the trash or wash my car than write! Ack!

What the list should be…

1. My children and their schooling.
2. The hubby (sorry I don't keep you here).
3. Exercise (have to keep it here for health reasons).
4. My writing.
5. Other artistic pursuits.
6. My job at the Firehouse.
7. Cleaning house.
8. Paying bills and other necessaries.
9. Reading.

Now I just need to print this out and follow it! 

Can you re-prioritize? If you did, what would you change?


  1. This is interesting, because I've been wondering how to make more time for writing. I've actually found over the past couple of weeks that just saying to myself, I'll work on my novel today makes a real difference. On the days i say that, I almost always do work on my novel, even if just for an hour, even if i get distracted by blog posts about finding more time to write....

  2. I'm used to juggling so I set a time limit on myself, a deadline. I don't have to spend X number of hours on something, but I want to finish my draft of, say, the short story anthology by, say, this weekend. If I give myself a reasonable time (and leave it open on my computer, just saving it everytime I make any edits), I can pick it up whenever I'm free. I don't have to block off time for it.

    That helps less with "new" writing, but works for me on editing.