Saturday, February 25, 2012

First Round of ABNA--I'm In!

I am still think into writing, but I had to share news: My novel THE GHOST PORTAL made it to the second round of the Breakthrough Novel Contest! Yeah!

I'm editing a different novel right now, though... trying not to think about the fact that the next round won't be until March 20. Wish me luck!

And if you entered and made it to the next level, let me know! I'll look for you on the next list... (and keep my fingers crossed, too!)


  1. Congratulations!!! That's AWESOME news! And thank you for the compliment about my blog. I was going to answer you via email, but it was a "no reply blogger" thingy.

  2. Serious apologies if this comes through three times or something, Google is sending me all over the place.

    Huge congratulations.
    That is awesome news.