Friday, August 26, 2011

Not Writing--Cooking

You knew this one was coming. I just wasn't sure when I would post it. But it was the evanescent Natalie Whipple over at Between Fact and Fiction who brought it up, with her delicious-sounding recipe for lime cupcakes. Yum. I can taste them now, and I don't even need to bake them to do so.

Despite being a staunch pescatarian (vegetarian with fishy leanings), I really enjoy cooking. It isn't nearly as time-consuming as grading papers, but it also has some pretty fantastic advantages:

1. People get to eat what I cook, and tell me it tastes good.
2. I get to eat what I cook.
3. It's one more lovely thing to do to keep from writing.
4. Did I mention that I get to eat it?

Since Natalie already handled dessert, I'll take care of the main course:

Kid-Friendly Potato Chip Fish


several fish fillets, any kind, thawed
2-3 cups salt & vinegar kettle style potato chips (they are a bit thicker than regular)

1. Lay the fish flat on a spray oiled cookie sheet.
2. Mix mustard and mayonnaise together in a little bowl, two parts mayo to one part mustard.
3. Salt and pepper the fish filets, then spread the mayo-mustard mixture on the fish. (Oh, look, I even used alliteration!)
4. In a sealed bag, crunch the chips until they are broken into pieces. Then drop the pieces onto the spread mayo-mustard mixture.
5. Bake at 400 degrees F for 15-20 minutes, or until the chips are a little browned.

And that's it. Of course, the whole prep for this, including oven time, is only about a half hour, so I'll have to make those lime cupcakes, too. Anything to avoid dragging out that novel!

What favorite recipes do you use to keep from writing? If you have them posted somewhere, give me the link. And don't worry, if you hate cooking, I have plenty of other ways to keep from writing.


  1. Awesome...I am having it tonight.

  2. I actually had Lee and his friend, K, cooking this weekend so I started writing. My blogs might start suffering.

  3. Hi! I found you today through Jeff King's blog (Author's Union) where I was featured, as well. I actually went to your other blog, but then found this one which is more my kinda thing though I'm now following both. I am also a writer (and a mother and artist and designer.)

    I, too, read Natalie's Lime cupcake recipe and even made some today (minus the food coloring) and she was right, they are are super yummy! Unfortunately, the boys in my house would never eat fish so it will have to wait until I am solo for the evening.

    Hope to see you around my side of the blogosphere sometime.