Monday, December 19, 2011

Not Writing--Baking Cookies

Today is my daughter's eleventh birthday, and, as we've done for the last eight years (except for last year, since we moved out of our house the day before her birthday), we have invited kids over for a Cookie Decorating Party.

Honestly, if you have a child with a birthday near any major holiday, this is a great idea. Bake a bunch of sugar and gingerbread cookies (I make the gingerbread ones with whole wheat flour), whip up some bowls of frosting in various candy colors, fill a few more bowls or shakers with various kinds of sprinkles,  and voila! You've a bona fide cookie party.

Even better, party games, goody bags, and other time fillers are completely unnecessary. Kids will decorate cookies for hours without getting tired, especially if they eat while they decorate. And a few gift boxes will make it easy for the kids to take home cookies for all their relatives, effectively removing the cookies from your home.

It's all win-win. Except for one thing: I'm not writing.

I'd laugh about this... but I can't. I find it distressing. And my distress makes me feel guilty, for I shouldn't resent this birthday taking writing time. Ugh.

I'm putting my smily face on now. Then I'm off to bake. Tomorrow, I write.


  1. I did this for my son's birthday several years ago. It kept the kids entertained for a while. Yay!

  2. We used to celebrate our two children with December birthdays in June, their half birthdays. We'd acknowledge the actual day but the party was saved for the summer.