Monday, September 5, 2011

Bad, Bad Girl!

I'd blog about not writing today... but I can't lie. You see, I'm, well... I'm...

I'm writing!

There, I've said it! It's out in the open, and I'm not taking it back. I'm working happily on my first novel, loving every moment of it, and the voices in my head that would normally be telling me what a waste of time it is are silent as the dead. Maybe they are dead. Maybe they are just taking Labor Day off.

I don't really care where they are, or what they're doing, or why they are strangely silent.

In their blessed absence, I'm off and writing. And writing and writing.

Believe me, though, when those voices come back, I'll be sure to visit and let you know. Until then, may you be blessed as I am today, with both time and silence.


  1. Love the concept of this blog, Shakespeare! Get it all out here so you can release that inner critic. Brilliant!

  2. Ha ha! Love it! Keep writing whether those voices are there or not. Just tell 'em to shut the hell up. ;D